Riverside Cemetery Association
Whitney Point, New York

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Burials & Lot Owner Databases are up-to-date as of 4/28/2020

The Sentinel of Riverside Cemetery
This tree hovered over the Old Part of our Cemetery
for many years until Old Age took its' toll as it does
to all of us eventually. In 20xx a large limb came down
and narrowly missed all but one historic Marker.
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to hear the story.

Welcome to the home of Riverside Cemetery in Whitney Point, New York. Historic ancestral resting sites since 1791.

The physical location of the cemetery is at the South border of the village of Whitney Point, NY on NYS Route 11 (South)

H.P. Smith wrote in his History of Broome County, published in 1885:

 “Hannah Lee was the first person buried there (Riverside Cemetery – Whitney Point, NY) which was done in 1791.  It was an unbroken forest and remained so for many years, to a large extent.  When a person died, a spot was chosen between the trees, and a grave dug under the shade of the old forest monarchs, where the winds of heaven sang mournful dirges in the branches.”              

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Our cemetery depends on Grave Sales, Burial Fees and Interest on our meager savings for income to keep our cemetery looking good and other expenses (e.g. Insurance). The bad news is that since the huge increase in Cremations, very few people are buying graves and burials are down also. Interest on Savings? We all know about that. Donations can be a significant help in making improvements  to our cemetery. Checks should be made out to Riverside Cemetery Association and can be mailed directly to our Treasurer

Our Welcome Center
Was constructed in 2005 through the efforts of a number
of individuals and local businesses. It provides Maps and information about  our facilit y..

The Officers and Trustees of Riverside Cemetery Association are very proud of their facility and form a devoted team to oversee and protect our 'charges'. The remains of our ancestors must always be considered sacred in that they contain the roots of our lives and our civilization. Many of our charges were participants and heroes in many of the conflicts and wars our country has experienced. Let them never be forgotten.

This website contains much information about our facility and our 'charges'. You will find Maps, Databases (Lot Owner Information and Burials), Fees and some history. Keep in mind please, that we go back a long ways and have suffered a number of major fires and floods. And, of course, the data retention facilities of the 1800s and 1900s were quite primitive compared to today. We started digitization of our records in 1995 and have made great strides but many of the older records have been either lost or misinterpreted. Our apologies.

But come in, look around. You will also find information on the association, its' officers and trustees and some of our plans and goals. Consider, however, that this is a 'work-in-process'. We will be building on this over time and hope for many improvements. Feel free to offer comments. The president's Email address and phone number will be on the Organization Page.


The cemetery is broken into several Tracts. Clicking on Maps takes you to the Master Map, which is an overview of the entire cemetery. Clicking on any of the Tracts within the cemetery will take you to the detail of that Tract. This will show the Lot Numbers and names of the Owners according to our Master Records.  This is a database of the Lot Owners of the various lots within the Tracts. You will need to go to, at least, 400% magnification to read this database document (in PDF Format)
This is a database of burials information. Unfortunately, very limited information is available in the early years of our cemetery. Contact Info Here
 You will also find a list of our Officers and Trustees and information regarding meetings of the association. You will also find our ByLaws here.
Clicking on HISTORY will take you to a page which will provide you a number of documents regarding some of our historical facts. This page will advise you of costs associated with Grave Sales and Burial Administrative costs.

This is then Rt 11 going South
Clicking here will take you to a gallery of pictures showing our cemetery through various stages of our existence.



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