Riverside Cemetery Association
Whitney Point, New York

Welcome to the home of Riverside Cemetery in Whitney Point, New York.
Historic ancestral resting sites since 1791.



Cemetery Fee's:

Grave Purchases:
Grave Plots are $450.00 each. A plot of of 4 graves would cost $1800.00.
  - For grave purchases contact the Association President at 607-692-3263

Administration Fees:
Each Intermentl (or Disinterment) is charged a fee of $200.00
  - This fee includes a $160 Administration Charge, a $35 NYS Mandate and a $5 State Vandalism Fee
  - This includes all types of Interments (Full or Cremains)
  - This fee was authorized by NYS DOC effective 5/13/2017

Burial Fees:
Cremain Burials are performed by Riverside Cemtery personnel:
Weekdays:                    $200
Saturdays:                     $300
Sundays & Holidays      $400

Full Burials are arranged through a subcontractor who sets the fee for this service. Contact the Cemetery Association (607-692-3263) to obtain the current fees.

Winter Vault Usage:
$200 *
   *This fee is waived for any Remains destined for Riverside Cemetery


Please read the Association By Laws for Rules and Regulations on purchasing and rights of ownership.

Note: To keep our cemetery fiscally viable, these fees may be increased periodically.
Due to huge costs such as Workmans Comp which is mandated by NYS along with other maintenance costs it is very difficult to keep a cemetery "in the black".
 The cemetery costs and future are also maintained by Interest on our Accounts and our above Sales and Fees.
  And we all know that not much Interest accumulates in these times.

Our other Income Stream depends on Donations. Please consider our cemetery when you are feeling
  generous.  Donations are typically placed in our Beautification Fund unless otherwise

Should a Charitable Cemetery, such as ours, fail, it is turned over to the local Municipality. We have seen what can happen when this occurs.



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