Riverside Cemetery Association
Whitney Point, New York

Welcome to the home of Riverside Cemetery in Whitney Point, New York.
Historic ancestral resting sites since 1791.





Riverside Cemetery Association is registered with New York State, Department of State, as a 401C13 Non-Profit Corporation.

The organization consists of a:

President            David Hughes           
2750 Hickory Street, Whitney Point, NY 13862        607-692-3263
|                                                             RiversideCemetery@stny.rr.com
V-President        Jean Hughes
Treasurer           Jean Hughes
Secretary            David Hughes

Board of Trustees/Directors:

Robert Brady
Debbie Dunham
Jean Hughes
Terri Handzel
Robert Prentice
Kristen Wittig

Cemetery Sexton:
James Black

Physical Address:
Business Office - 2750 Hickory Street, Whitney Point, NY 13862
Cemetery Physically spans two Towns
 2693 US Rte 11 for Town of Barker
&   2715 Collins St, Whitney Point for Town of Triangle

The Annual Meeting of the Association is held at 7:00 PM on the 3rd Tuesday in April.
The place of the meeting is announced three weeks prior to the meeting.
Lot owners of Riverside Cemetery are encouraged to attend.

By Laws:
A copy of the Association ByLaws can be obtained by Clicking Here. The ByLaws are in PDF Format. Adobe Acrobat, a free program, can be downloaded if you don't already have it.


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